Weaving global Changemakers - Supporting a Conference of Change Leaders

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The amazon is burning and we witness a quickening in the changes of our world. More and more people feel that we need to get active. I hold this question for a long time now:

How do we respond to these changes effectively and in deep collaboration?

In this blog post I share how we supported the collaboration of global changemakers at a conference in Tamera, Portugal. My intention is that you can learn about the benefits and process of weaving people together in order to apply it to your own work.

Celebrating our success as the initial team of weavers.


The Alliance to Defend the Sacred is a global movement of change leaders and activists. With a deep passion for creating new cultures that are in balance with life, 400 people from all over the globe came together in Tamera, Portugal. We formed a team to create a huge network map in just 48 hours.

Benefits and Impact

The benefits and power of weaving people together became very clear to me as we went through the process:

  • Conference participants gained more awareness of who they really want to meet and can network more intentionally.

  • Long term collaboration beyond the conference through the exchange of offers is more likely.

  • The network map may serve as a strategic tool for alliance and relationship building.

How to create these benefits in practice

1. Get a team of weavers on board.

I knew that I wanted to contribute weaving in order to foster more connection and make the right people meet. But to do this with 400 people a team is necessary. At the second day five of us got together and co-created our further strategy. A really joyful aspect of our collaboration was that we really celebrated each step along the way and each other.

2. Gather information about the participants

We printed sheets for people to fill in their interests, needs and offerings such as resources, support or project partners. Then we distributed them during lunchtime and had several boxes around the conference so people could give them back to us. Alternatively., this can be done digitally with two smart programs: Kumu and SumApp.

Workshop to make sense of our network.

3. Make sense of the network

We hosted an open space workshop with 15 people to identify shared interests among conference participants. We stuck all the sheets on a huge wall based on the geographical region. After we had created this world map we agreed upon categories to capture people's interests. We then colour coded categories and created a simple legend.

4. Allow and encourage people to weave themselves

A lot of participants looked at the map, took pictures of interesting contacts and got in touch with these in the remaining time of the conference. The intention here is that everybody becomes an active weaver and explores how our relationships can become impactful after the conference.

5. Feed it forward

We digitized the sheets in a network map (see picture) so people can continue once they get back home. I hosted another workshop to inquire how we can strategically move forward with the weaving. It is important to enact the long term impact we can have together once we are connected more deeply!


In face of a world that is shaken by human made destruction passion needs to meet pragmatism. The sparks that fly at great conferences like ours need to meet grounding into long term collaboration. Then we have good chances to re-imagine and re-build a global society based on peace and actualize our potentials as humans.

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