Towards a Safe Space for Humanity!

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From not knowing what to do to an impactful passion

A few years ago I got increasingly aware of the destructive side of humanity. I felt the need to take responsibility and to stand in for values that are dear to me. Yet, it was difficult for me to figure out what exactly I could engage in. There are just so many challenges around, so what to focus on? Now I passionately work towards rights for everybody to live a life that allows everyone to live his or her potential, societies that are rooted in equity and social justice and cultures that develop in a way that is in tune with the limitations of the planet. I found concrete projects, honed my skills and build a profession that I love and that earns me money.

Intention: Supporting and motivating you to engage in the efforts to make a difference

Now I want to support others who are at the spot to contribute their gifts to collective transformations. I am always amazed how many efforts there are to make changes and how many people still reside and say its hopeless. I am thrilled about the task to build bridges between these movements and you. For me this is a novel challenge as I need to write in a graspable and easily understandable way about topics that I read and learned about for years. So my intention is to work with concrete examples of organizations and individuals that create amazing solutions for pressing problems. This is meant to spark your motivation to reach out, forge your gifts and contribute to humanities collective evolution.

Towards a Safe and Just Space for Humanity

I really like the model of Kate Raworth to speak about what kind of changes we need to bring about. Earth has its limitations, an ecological ceiling, and we are currently overstretching it. We cannot go on exploiting natures treasures by destroying whole ecosystems such as the big rain forests or the Great Barrier Reef. If we do go on the surface of the planet gets increasingly hostile to life, which we can see with increasing floods, drouds and storms hitting different places. We also rely on a social foundation that ensures the well being of people and our capabilities to live a good, decent life. Currently we are falling short to ensure dignified lifes on a large scale. Groups are being marginalized and suppressed. I am certain that there are ways for humanity to peacefully coexist and collaborate and we need to create a social foundation that allows that.

In between there is the safe and just space for humanity. This is were our societies do not overshoot the planetary boundaries and we have a solid social foundation that guarantees basic needs to be met, equity and social justice. The model is helpful to grasp what kind of transformation we need to aim for.

It is our collective task to make an organizing and creative effort to get into this safe and just space for humanity. There are different theories of change, which are stories and ideas of how we get from "here" to "there". In the following weeks I showcase five different ways of organizing and bringing about change. These are mainly introductory, but I will always add follow up ressources for the curious.

1. Social Enterprises - Impact minded businesses

Connecting social impact with financial sustainability by empowering communities with products and services. Navara Health has spread all over India to make crucial health services available for low-income populations.

2. Networks and Social Movements

Are a great way for different organizations to work together. RE-Amp has done incredible work to make eight states in America more sustainable by reducing CO2 Emmisions and changing policies.

3. Local communities

Think Global, Act Local could be the catchphrase of these communities. Transition Town Totnes in the UK did not only make the town more energy sufficient or create a local currency, but actually sparked the global Transition Movement.

4. Physical spaces where people come together and collaborate

People need to meet, learn, exchange ideas. There are some really cool places that fuel our creativity for change-making. Impact Hub Amsterdam is a great example for a great vibe and atmosphere. I gave my first workshop there and really like the place for meeting impact-minded people.

5. Individual Efforts

In the end it comes down to what we decide to do as a person. There are many examples of couragous individuals who take major efforts to make a change. I highlight some of them in the interview series "Changemaker Spotlights". The latest one features Emer and her work to empower children with Designathon Work:

Next time I`ll dive into Social businesses so stay tuned! Have a great, masterpiece day!

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