The Art of DJing

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Music is so powerful when it comes to connecting people and having a good time. As a DJ I am passionate about arranging songs in a way that gets the best out of people as we step on the dance floor. In this blog post I share some insights that I gathered over the years of playing at parties and festivals.

Letting go of preparation

This one is simply a reflection of life: Things do not go as planned so ride with it! Before performing I prepare well. I have my track lists and an idea for the overall flow of the evening. I think about the different waves and intensities I want to groove on. Once I am in front of the crowd I am willing to let go of the plan. Sometimes I feel that the dancers need something else in the moment and I willingly give in to that. This is also what happened at my last gig at the I.S.A.T open party at Club Smederij in Tilburg, NL with around 200 guests.

Preparation time: Soundcheck and Party Set up.

Create spaces for people to dance like nobody is watching

How do we create a vibe in which everybody is willing to go all in and dance like nobody is watching? Music is healing and can help us to move through difficult emotions and times. As a DJ I want everybody to enjoy and create a flow for people to drop in. The more I let myself go the more the other dancers are coming along.

Riding waves of intensity within a DJ mix

When I compose a new mix I play with the intensity and rhythm of the music. If there are only fast and intense songs at a party, the crowd gets exhausted. If there are only chilled, slow songs people do not go all in. So I build up intensity in waves that allows both: ecstatic dancing and relaxation. You will see what I mean once you head over to my first official mix on YouTube. It begins very chilled and has a stormy climax at 28 minutes. Follow this link: Tribal Travelers - A Global Bass Journey.

For free download click here!

Interaction and Performance

To be honest it is edgy to play for hundreds of people. It's a vulnerable spot and I had feelings of being uncomfortable several times. At the last gigs I make sure to interact with people, exchange some smiles and dance with them. Like this I feel less on a stage, but actually just part of a great party.

That`s it! I hope you enjoyed the insights from the dance floor. Curious to hear from your experience as a DJ and/or dancer!

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