Summer Adventures - Stories and Lessons

Aktualisiert: März 15

Exploring the shores and mountains of beautiful Portugal, getting lost with a broken bike and experiencing the deep connection of community. I arrived in Portugal at four o'clock in the morning after a twenty two hour bus ride from Lyon. After that, I witness beauty in nature in national parks and the sea and culture in cities and community projects. In this blog post I share some stories and lessons of my summer adventures.

Feeling freedom in a beautiful valley

Lessons on the balance and rhythms of experience

I observed that there are rhythms in my experience. We have all heard about the idea to walk the middle way and to balance between contradicting dynamics and feelings in our life. Balance is challenging, because life moves us the whole time. Have a look at the picture below.

Rhythms between some of the opposites in life

Sleeping in a hammock under clear night skies

Rhythm between nature/alone and culture/together: I really switched between the solitude, clarity and inner processes that come with being in nature and being in community. After a few days cycling through rural Portugal I arrived at DeckLodge, an awesome hostel in Peniche. There I had a great time socializing, sharing stories and being in community.

Rhythm between intuition and plans: I wanted to have some more gigs as DJ Mirakesh this summer. I planned an ecstatic dance gig at Nibana a great festival before the summer. Then at two more events I was spontaneously asking the organizers and created a mix in less then an hour.

Generally, I find that life moves in several rhythms that create a unique experience and song. It always provides the opportunities to grow our wholeness. We can trust ourselves to dance with the challenges that we face as we actualize our potential as human beings. After these two months of travelling I feel revitalized, ready to step into new projects and really grateful to every being that I met on the way. I hope our paths cross again!

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