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Aktualisiert: März 15

June Holley and Yasmin Yonis hosted the 8th Virtual Cafe of our community of practice for network weavers.

I edited a short video to give you an impression of both the content and the community at the virtual cafes:

Full House: Around 18 weavers from all over the globe participated.

Like in every virtual cafe we used interactive methods to build relationships across national borders. We learned about scaffolding, which is a networks support system or infrastructure that enables networks to expand rapidly and become transformative.

In nature, billions of soil organisms and mycorrhizal fungal mats work together to form this type of scaffolding to distribute resources and support the growth of plants and trees as they create a forest. In human networks we can do the same by installing six structures, which are captured in more detail in one of June`s blog post:

1) A communications system

2) An innovation or activation fund

3) Communities of practice (CoPs) and learning popups

4) Catalysts like a pool of skilled facilitators

5) A tracking and learning system

6) A governance system: protocols for co-design, advice and consent

June and Yonis shared their insights with great detail and enthusiasm. You can find the documentation of the whole cafe here.

During the cafe lots of resources and links were exchanged in the chat. Naomi Joy Smith, for example, shared her classification of communication and project management tools. She clustered the tools based on the extend to which they are customizable vs. convenient and ethical vs. efficient.

After discussions on how we can apply the learning to our own networks I offered a poem about the power of network weaving.

So overall we had a great time learning together and getting to know each other. If you are now interested to join click here to get the next facebook event. Click here to get more information on the global community of practice as a whole.

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