Advocating for Sustainability and Social Justice

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We are standing in front of the wall of challenges. Confronting ecological destruction and human suffering caused by wars, greed and ego centrism is overwhelming. Yet, being full of fear or to continue to distract ourselves does not serve us well. These are times where we need to stand up for systemic change and creative solutions. In fact, many millions of people around the world already give their best to champion solutions every day. In social movements and communities we can witness and contribute to compassionate action.

There are many people, but many more hearts need to ignite, many more voices need to be raised and many more hands need to take action to create a world of coexistence, a world of co-creation and a world of collaboration. Together we may fulfill our collective, human potential to live on our home planet in in more peace. We may be creators rather than destroyers if we stand and walk side by side.

I just finished reading "Who do we choose to be? - Facing Reality | Claiming Leadership | Restoring Sanity" by Margaret J. Wheatley. She champions to come forth at this time to reclaim our human capacities to be of great service to the the world. To embody unshakable confidence in the face of disruption. This is a choice. Every day we can choose to be compassionate and courageous. We all have immense talents and gifts, but we need to be willing to forge them. Personally, I want to live a joyful life, which I don't only live for myself but also for Earth Community, the ones I love and the ones I may never get to know. I decided to do so and I stand up for it. Life provides us with abundant opportunities to be kind and to have an impact. Let us seize it!

"Do what you can with what you have where you are."

Theodore Roosevelt

I do not want to sound overly idealistic here so I am adding a dose of pragmatism, which is simply needed as you see in the quote of Theodore Roosevelt. There are awesome opportunities to get engaged. I found it helpful to research what groups are in my city that work on a challenge that resonates with me. I wrote them mails, met up, bounced of my ideas and opinions and got active. Furthermore, I continuously reflect on and forge the work that feels the most purposeful. Reading, writing, asking big questions and contemplating helps. There also is an abundance of resources online. Check out this great workbook from "Hosting Transformation": It provides guidance to not only find out what you love, but also how to start right now to make it happen.

Lastly, I wish all of us the best to actually step forward and bring it on. This requires will and courage. At times it will be challenging for sure. Yet, the joy and resonance with those we work with are simply worth the effort. So let us raise our voices!

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