My Theory and Practice of Change

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By Adrian Röbke


The following reflections and summaries are cornerstones for how I live my life and engage in soul-rooted efforts to contribute to a transition of our cultures and institutions. The intention of the following lines is to distil learning essences gathered by reading, learning from others and my own practice. A theory of change is essentially a comprehensive description and illustration of how and why a desired change is expected to happen in a particular context. I call this my theory and practice of change as I do not only think about it, but act as well.

I feel this will be useful for you to read in order to sharpen your own theory and practice. I heard from some folks who read this already that they have been inspired by the coherence and clarity that comes with these writings.

Why (I do what I do)

My why entails my love for the planet and all the beings that live on it, it holds the heartbreak of seeing us crumbling into disruptive and interconnected crisis and it speaks of a new story, one build on life affirming cultures. For us to birth this story we need to be engaged, courageous and persistent, which is totally worth it both for my individual fulfilment and our collective impact.


Humanity gets together to actualise its collective potential in a safe and just space.


Building bridges in the form of communities and networks so we change the world together while enjoying life to the fullest.

What (I embody)

Theory of Change

We are on a collective quest to embody solutions for a new way of being on Earth, one that is in harmony with both our needs for personal growth as well as community and with the larger ecosystems we are embedded in. This story is being borne all over the world as communities, networks, partnerships, social movements, organisations and dedicated individuals enact transformative action. Growing a denser web of interconnection between the main drivers of systemic transition will enable and enhance adaptive learning, knowledge sharing, capacity building, shared campaigns or projects, global-local action and more.

This is why my primary focus is to play and intermediary and bridging role between and for those who are involved in systemic transition towards the well-being of Earth and all her beings. This craft finds many expressions such as network weaving, facilitation, DJing and more.


  • I embody joyful service to life in the form of weaving, process artistry and other creative expressions.

  • I see myself as an instrument for conscious, cultural evolution to update humanities potential.

  • In collaboration we become an unstoppable, beautiful force that integrates highest service, joy and purpose

  • I cultivate deep, effective relationships and support the formation of collective identity as interconnected changemakers.

  • I encourage others to live a great and impact-full life. I garden whole systems like organisations to become more self-organising.

  • I increase my self-awareness every day especially when pressure it high and unending. I completely trust human beings.


Weaver, Change Artist, Catalyst, Initiator, Inspirator, Influencer, Host, Trainer

Qualities and Virtues

• Being fully alive

• Deep, heart-centred listening

• Drop into being authentically inspiring

• Work on different inner modes and levels (Know what I deliver and being rooted in it)

• Masterful, inspiring presence and holding space.

• Grace, Dancing, Embedded, Loving, Nurturing, Playful, Humility

• A holding and balancing of paradoxes and contrasts

• A natural claim of greatness

• Patience

• Staying very connected with the longing and Love

• Rest when called for


My main target groups and/or collaborators are:

Systemic Changemakers, leaders and weavers.

Those who want to/need to join regenerative movements.



• Building thriving and vibrant organisations and networks that allow people to fulfil our purpose, have an impact, do what we love and get paid.

• Utilizing opportune moments to build a partnership around a particular campaign, project or action.

• Assessing needs, slack resources and capacities of drivers of systemic transition and using them for strategic connections.

• Travelling to gatherings and events around systemic transition to spread the weaving and connect as many people as possible with the drivers that are connected to their cause.

• Creating an abundance of resources for organised efforts


I have a more detailed breakdown of my skills in which I track my current learning edges. This graphic gives you and overview though.

Impact Measurement

I am still coming up with a way to measure my impact and at the Weaving Lab we do the same at a collective level. Here I just share a short graphic about my prior and current projects.


I hope this was valuable and inspiring for you to read. I challenge you to create and/or sharpen your own theory and practice!

I will further post these fundamental documents. The next one will zoom in on how I manifest the above mentioned ambitions in practice.

Stay tuned & much love!


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