Living with Integrity

Aktualisiert: März 15

Why not stand for what we think and feel is right? Living life with integrity opens lots of opportunities and simply feels good as we do not just talk about what is right, but actually do and live it!

Integrity is

1. adherence to moral principles; honesty

2. the quality of being unimpaired; soundness

3. unity; wholeness


Some practices are:

  • Journal and reflect on what is important to you. Are there virtues, values and principles you hold dear? How can you embody them on a more consistent basis?

  • I really like the idea of an "integrity check" James Clear. He does this every year where he evaluates his deepest values, if he really lives them on a consistent basis and in which ways he can evolve to live with more integrity. I will pick this one up this year.

I hope you found this helpful and are able to make integrity a part of your daily life if that feels right.

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