Tools to Make Dreams Happen

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Over the last years I have been building many skills to manifest my dreams. Of course this takes dedication, discipline and fueling our inner fire. But, there are some really practical tips and tricks to help us. Here are my best ones:

I have processes to dream big. I`d go to the end of a new year and visualize where I want to be by then. I feel that visualization and connecting emotionally with the dream gets me fired up.

Then I prioritize the projects on a monthly basis. You want to focus on the needle movers i.e. projects that make a huge difference. I allocate % of time each month. Prioritization is critical for both focus and mastery so you actually want to be able to prioritize continuously. Create a Not-To-Do-List to have enough time and space for the things that matter!

Some of the activities you prioritize need to become your keystone habits. Habits are so powerful and I have the perfect book summary video of Atomic Habits for you:

Based on these fuzzy dreams I break it down into action steps ( I do that for my yearly, monthly and for my daily goals. Goals need to be SMART (Specific, Measurable Achievable, Relevant, Time bound). Collect these action steps in one central place (journal/app) so you always know where to look.

At the beginning of my day I gain clarity on a maximum of two bigger, wildly important tasks. I do this by consciously setting an intention. This intention allows us to go deep. We want to get rid of all distractions for several hours of deep work each day. Deep work is a really powerful idea:

And then lastly, I take massive action. Here we all need to overcome the paralysis of planning. I really loved this book on making ideas happen:

I continuously learn, evaluate and adjust my approach based on how the world reacts. I have a whole journal dedicated to reflective practice This learning is continuous and gets better when shared.

I know it`s overwhelming, but with practice we will flow through the deep work of our life and impact many lives!

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