How to Contribute to Global Transformation

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We are living in critical times of the human story. Global crisis and opportunities usher us to choose how we want to live our lives. Will we look away and witness how ecological and human system deteriorate? Or will we contribute our part of global transformation and healing in the best way we can?

This Blog Post tackles these questions by inviting and challenging you to find your place in change-maker movements that reshape how we do things on earth.

I have a strong intention here, which is

  1. To communicate the urgency and promise of us becoming creative as dedicated individuals and collectives in face of global challenges in ways that truly resonate with what we love doing.

  2. To both challenge and support you in taking an active stance by showing you a range of possibilities to contribute to global transformation. This includes self-reflective questions on where you want to enter and a list of impactful change movements.

What it means of live in times of Urgency and Promise

Let`s start of with my understanding of the wider context in which we live today. Note, that I completely embrace that I am offering one of many perspectives here. I provide further references to be transparent on how I derived these insights.

A big portion of my focus over the last years went into making sense of how we can deal with global challenges. To be completely honest, there were countless emotional moments in which I felt overwhelmed by the evidence that our world is on fire, and that many are not in action for whatever reasons. Over time, there was a huge, empowering shift in my own story once I decided to take responsibility and become curious how I can use my unique potential to make a difference.

Rippling from this deep decision I started to become involved in communities and collective actions. I often here that as long as we make individual changes, such as consuming less, things will be fine. Changing the way we live to be more compassionate and sustainable is indeed a critical part. But, if there is no collective action we won`t make it. So, my theory of change orbits around co-creation and orchestrating our efforts. We need to build a critical mass of humans that realize that business as usual means destruction and organize ourselves in order to thrive together. We are talking about systems change here, as our political, economic and social systems need profound updates.

Example: News from updating our economic systems

I know that what I write is still abstract and needs grounding, so let`s get more concrete with an example from my own contribution. I working with a global network of change-makers called the Weaving Lab. One of the areas in which we seek to create change is the economic system. Currently, the exploitation of people and planet is driven mainly by the greed for more profits and power. The guiding question is "what`s in it for me". Yet, there are approaches like circular economy and the economy of the common good that gain increasing momentum. We want to accelerate the change of mindsets and corporations to include social and ecological indicators in measuring success instead of solely looking at the financial side. And we are really not the only ones advocating and engaging for a economic system that allows for people, planet and profits to be in balance in order to thrive.

Creating our Contribution to Global Transformation

The economy is only one area of action among many and I challenge and invite you to reflect on your personal contribution now. Let me be clear, once you are willing to give it a shot you`ll find that you are not alone in this. There are millions of active people and thousands of movements. You can click here to view a self compiled list of 80 global change movements that have a wider impact and some surely welcome your help.

All that might be needed for now is to research and then show up at the local gathering of change-makers. Open up your process of finding the right engagement and allow yourself to be inspired by what others contribute. Please take your journal and explore the following questions:

So far so good. Take your time to digest and sense how you want to take this further. If you have doubts, questions or you want to challenge me please write a comment so we can engage in discussion. Let`s go and learn how to continuously tapping into a deep inner fire and learn so much with collaborators and companions!

In Courage and Companionship,


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