Committing to my Dream Profession at the Weaving Lab!

Aktualisiert: März 15

I hereby fully commit my energy, time, dedication and other resources to the profession I just love doing. I am now officially a part of the Weaving Lab - a vibrant, global community of highly impactful changemakers and weavers ( ). I have been dreaming to be part of something like the Weaving Lab for years, so it feels very natural to go all in!

We are convinced that universal well being is possible if we co-create learning ecosystems. Learning, thriving and doing projects together is the motto!

I joined, because of the people and our dedication to bring a vision to life. A vision of cohesive local and global system and of large movements that tackle our most pressing challenges. You might wonder what weaving is. I am quite certain you already wove people together yourself when you e.g. connect two of your friends that share a passion. We do this and many other things as our profession. Strategically connecting organizations, hosting interactive learning journeys, building community, implementing effective and collaborative processes, all of this is part of weaving. This gives you an overview:

There is a lot going on in this world of weavers! We have a lot of momentum and global connections already. Currently we are building seven distinct services that will allow us to run the Lab as a social enterprise. I am dreaming of many job opportunities to be borne out of this. And, it is already happening! Just yesterday I got my first consultancy client: A german organization with 100.000 members that protects nature! We are hosting regular online and on-land sessions to learn with and from each other as well. 90 weavers from all over the globe have been part of this one:

All in all, I am super excited and on fire. Not only because I feel good with collaborating with such an awesome tribe, but also because I genuinely feel weaving is a major part of creating thriving and resilient cultures and societies.

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