Boost your Impact

1-1 sessions

This offer is for you if you want to make a change. If you want to stand in your passion I want to support you. Our 1-1 session provides a space for deep reflection, empowerment and crafting ideas. It is a perfect opportunity for you to explore your purpose.

Facilitating Transformative events

I am hosting and harvesting well-designed processes for your event or community. Based on your needs and the challenges you face I arrange a set of participatory methods. With graphical recording I can save and distribute the results of the event in a creative way.

The weaving lab

As a global community of practice we learn how to make our Networks more trustful, effective and transformative. Our intention is to support each other and establish network weaving as a impactful practice and profession.

Book me as a Dj

I love to play at your party or event. let´s sit down together and sense what kind of music and vibe you want to have!

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