When we dance, we feel alive.

There is lots of wisdom to learn about.

Connecting the best of both worlds:

Music with Message.

My main genres as a DJ are Tribal Trap, Psytrance and Ecstatic Dance.

Current Mix

Get your dancing shoes and enjoy the new progressive psytrance journey by DJ Mirakesh. Do you love a sharp bassline with voice samples from all over the world? If yes, you'll love this one: Sun Dance – A psytrance journey.

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Imagine sitting at a bonfire in the midst of a vast Savanna. One of your fellow travelers starts chanting a song in an unknown language. Someone arrives at your camp and has a message for you: You need to travel into the mysteries of a vast world. And so you breathe in deeply and get on your way....


  • Music Programmer Nibana Festival 2019

  • Ecstatic Dance Nuremberg 2019

  • Oikoikeiosis Open Air 2019

  • Weiherstampf Festival 2017

  • Wehende Fische Open Air

  • Paradisvogel Festival 2016

  • Alt-wood Festival 2016

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